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Denver Karate Academy Reviews

  • Maureen T. , Denver Karate Academy Testimonials

    I had the privilege to sit in during class yesterday. Master Stephanie inspires her students and is a great teacher!

    Maureen T.
  • Leslie B. , Denver Karate Academy Testimonials

    Amazing instruction, great workouts, friendly community! No cons at all. I very much hope my five-month-old daughter wants to train at DKA with me when she's old enough, because I know they will teach her well.

    Leslie B.
  • Adam S. , Denver Karate Academy Testimonials

    Great with the kids, my 7 and 6 year olds love going to class there.

    Adam S.
  • Liz F. , Denver Karate Academy Testimonials

    Dojo is always clean, and the owners care and give each child individual attention! My daughter loves it!

    Liz F.
  • Lisa W. , Denver Karate Academy Testimonials

    I go to classes there and I think there aswom

    Lisa W.
  • A Google User , Denver Karate Academy Testimonials

    Denver Karate Academy is what martial arts is all about. Family owned and operated with an emphasis on customer service. The instruction quality is superior with the Head Instructor none other than Stefanie Flowers, 5 time NASKA World fighting champion, 7 time NASKA World forms champion and 2 time Diamond Nationals Diamond Ring Winner. All of the other instructors are at least 2nd DAN Black Belts, and there is always 2 of them (minimum) on the floor at all times. The school is friendly and family oriented. Also, Denver Karate Academy works with many public schools in the area and has raised over $100,000 for the Physical Education programs in Jeffco and Denver Schools with their After School Karate Program.

    A Google User

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